Startup Safary, Leipzig

How it works

Find interesting sessions in the program
Create your own agenda
Follow your agenda across the city
Visit offices, participate in sessions, meet startups!


This is the program for Startup Safary Leipzig. If you don’t have a ticket yet, make sure you have one before registration for the sessions start. If you have a ticket already, we will tell you everything there is to know by email.

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How to choose a ticket

At Startup Safary, tickets are intent based. You should choose a ticket according to what you’re looking for instead of who you are. For example, if you work at a corporation, but you’re coming to the event, because you want to start a startup – choose “Entrepreneur”. If you’re an Entrepreneur, but you’re coming because you want to invest, choose – “Investor”.


You are already an investor or planning to invest in a startup. This ticket will not only provide you with unlimited access to all sessions on our program, but we also provide with access to a selection of entrepreneurs looking for an investment option.


You work in a large company, institution, or for the government and would want to work with startups. This ticket will not only provide you with unlimited access to all sessions on our program, but we will also help to connect with relevant, startups and investors.


You offer services to entrepreneurs, investors or job seekers as e.g. a lawyer, consultant, or recruiter. You might also run a software house or a PR agency.


You are already an entrepreneur or are planning to found a startup. This ticket will give you access to up to 15 sessions including investors and accelerator sessions as well as office sessions, workshops, networking events and parties.


Your profile does not match any of the above ticket types. This ticket will provide you with access to office sessions, workshops, networking events and parties, excluding investors and accelerator sessions


We will share your profile with our startups and companies and they will select who they wish to attend. If your profile is selected, it will be shared with your sponsoring startup and you will receive a free ticket to attend Startup Safary.


You are a journalist or a blogger and like covering stories that revolve around the exciting startup ecosystem. For press accreditation please email


Reasons for volunteering

Your involvement and assistance as a volunteer will help Startup Safary Leipzig become a huge success!

At the same time you will meet and mingle with the founders and team members of various start-ups, be able to attend events and sessions (that might otherwise be sold out), and work together with an amazing group of volunteers and Startup Safary members.